Understanding ourselves through studying politics abroad

Hi GLPers, my name is Tony and I am in my final semester of Master of Accounting (CPA Extension). I would like to share with you my experiences of studying in a different country.

Through the GLP, I have done a 3-week program, International relations and the Middle East: a comparative European Perspective, in July 2016 in Milan, Italy and a 4-week program, GoAndes – Leadership, in Santiago, Chile earlier this year (watch this short video to find out more about GoAndes).

In a globalised world understanding different cultures is part of our everyday. Indisputably, the best way to understand a culture is to be in the culture yourself, rather than watching TV or reading travel books. Who would say no to spending some time with a local family and participating in their social activities? After all, culture is not about books, but people.

Overlooking Santiago on top of San Cristóbal Hill

On San Cristobal Hill, overlooking Santiago, Chile, Go Andes Program, 2017.

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10 tips for effective networking

The fundamental element that defines the quality of your life is the people you surround yourself with and the conversations you have with them.” – Jon Levi


Fauzan in his role as a Macquarie Careers and Employment Service Representative

Many people believe that networking only needs to be utilized when you are looking for a job, but that’s the wrong idea!

Networking is making contacts, creating and maintaining relationships, finding out about opportunities, and making friends. It is an ongoing process, it requires persistence, attention, organisation and good will. Networking is a two-way street, it is a way of getting to know someone better and finding ways they might be able to help you and how you can help them in return.

Here are my top tips for making the most of networking;


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Language Matters – A few words from a GLP alumna

I’ve always had a big heart for languages, and my participation in Macquarie University’s Global Leadership Program certainly provided an encouraging platform for my love of languages to grow and thrive.

During my time at University, I undertook a GLP-approved unit of modern language study (Spanish), and very much enjoyed seeing this study right through from Beginners to Advanced level. My on-campus study was complemented by a combined short course and volunteer experience in Olón, Ecuador, which inspired me to further use my language experience to support the Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (OIYP) program as a volunteer Spanish-English translator. Furthermore, I found great joy in co-establishing and coordinating Beyond Babel, a student-led mentoring program for first-year Language students at Macquarie University.

Prize Giving Ceremony, Languages, Macquarie University

Meeting with representatives from Embassy and Consulate General of Argentina during a Languages prize-giving event at Macquarie, 2012. Photo: Jennifer Heward.

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The International Student Leadership and Ambassador Program: Building future leaders

Imagine with all your mind
Believe with all your heart
Achieve with all your might

I came to Australia as an International student hailing from Pakistan to chase my dreams. I have finished my second Masters Degree in Electronics Engineering and am currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Engineering at Macquarie. Sydney has been home to me for more than one and a half years now, and it has been an astounding journey so far. Moving here gave me an excellent opportunity to explore not only my research interests but also take part in many other fantastic opportunities Sydney offers.

I am motivated by a strong desire for excellence, a drive to succeed and a wish to give back to the community with an open heart and a wide smile. I consider myself an ambitious and competent individual with a strong drive to improve my professional knowledge and leadership skills. When I joined the GLP, I saw it as a good opportunity to develop these skills and expose myself to critical global issues.

Deputy Lord Mayor Professor Councillor Kerryn Phelps presenting the City of Sydney Pin to Arslan Kiyani

Deputy Lord Mayor Councillor Professor Kerryn Phelps presenting the City of Sydney pin to Arslan. Photo: City of Sydney.

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In conversation with GLP Convenor, Dr Sabine Krajewski

During my time as a GLP Student Representative I had the privilege of speaking with Dr Sabine Krajewski from the Macquarie department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies. She also convenes the GLP colloquia, Cross Cultural Understanding and Taboo – The Consequences of Tasting Forbidden Fruit.

Sabine’s research considers the field of intercultural communication with particular focus on taboo in intercultural contexts. Sabine was born in Salzgitter in Germany, but her heart belongs to Berlin where she moved as a student and made friends for life.

She started her academic journey at a university in the East End of London, England, where she became an interculturalist when she was working with students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. She was confronted with her own stereotypes about what English people and their cats look like and learnt from her own mistakes.


Sabine at the Office for Learning & Teaching awards ceremony

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How to use the GLP to diversify your university experience

My GLP experience so far has been very rewarding, an immense learning experience that has helped me shape my identity and grow from my experiences. I’ve learnt valuable skills from the Innovative Leader Series and and colloquia. My Experiential Credit activities have given me new perspectives and an appreciation in considering different sides of a story.

When I first started in the Program, I heard how people undertook the GLP to complement their degree. However, I always made sure that my academic studies and GLP activities were separate. I believe that there is little benefit in doing extra-curricular activities that only focus on one experience. This is why, as a science student, I didn’t do a single science activity for my GLP (sort of…I did take an online course in climate change).


Ali on his first day at Macquarie

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Changes to everyday choices at team GLP

At our inaugural Innovative Leaders Series event last year, modern day wizard-rogue and leadership adviser, Dr Jason Fox gave GLPers some advice – choose a word to guide your year, a ‘fuzzy beacon to pull you back on track and stay true to your intention’.

Our word for 2016 was catalyst, this year we decided on;

vision / ˈvɪʒn
the ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence
the act or power of seeing

Oxford Dictionary & Merriam-Webster Dictionary

 We want GLP to give you new ways of seeing, and the imagination and knowledge to dream up a vision for your future and the future of our global planet. It is our hope the Program will provide you with the skills, knowledge and tools to act on that vision.

When choosing our word of the year we were mindful that, in the words of Dr. Fox, ‘It might be tempting to default to something convenient. Words like success, love, and growth. Now, these words are nice — but nice ain’t going to cut it. Your One Word needs to live with you through the year. It needs to be distinct.’

We agree nice won’t cut it. So whether its ethical fashion, access to clean water or sustainable design, we have each chosen a vision for the year and we will make sure we act on it.


Team GLP!

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Making the most of studying abroad

A big welcome to Macquarie for all our new students from abroad! 

Last year, Ashley traveled from her snowy home in Minnesota in America to spend a Session studying abroad at Macquarie. She was selected as a Macquarie Study Abroad Ambassador and blogged about her time in Australia. 

Hi GLPers, I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin in the US. I am currently a second year Mathematics Education student at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. I spent the last half of 2016 studying abroad nearly 10,000 miles from home at Macquarie Uni. I came to uni unsure of what clubs and activities I was going to get involved with. I almost did not join the GLP because I was not sure what it entailed, so I hope this post can give you a feel for what to expect when you participate in the Global Leadership Program! My participation in the Spirituality and Social Transformation, Me Inc., Beyond Borders, and Indigeneity: unlocking the value of traditional knowledge and culture colloquia were unlike anything I have experienced in a classroom. The discussions were deep and meaningful, challenging you to think about topics in ways you have not before. As long as you go into the program with an open mind, you will learn to see the world from a new and improved lens, a skill I have found to be invaluable. Now I am back to school in the cold (-15 degrees Celsius on average) Minnesota winter, continuing my studies to graduate licensed to teach middle and high school math, spending an occasional weekend in the mountains snowboarding! I’ve included an extract of one of my posts in Australia below.


Ashley exploring the Great Barrier Reef, 2016

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Five minutes with GLP Representative Ali Asgher Ali

Hey guys!! Ali here!

I am in my third and final year of my Bachelor in Medical Sciences. I aim to pursue higher degree education and (hopefully) study the bio-molecular properties of terminal illnesses. I’ve been a GLPer since my first year and somewhat saddened that this is my last year, but will be leaving with pleasant memories and even more skills.

If you see me around give me a “Sup!” and I’ll me more than happy to talk about my GLP experiences. Hopefully we can all learn from our exchanging ideas 🙂


Ali on a bushwalk with the Buddy Program, 2016

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