Working with integrity: solving global ethical dilemmas at GLP’s Innovative Leaders Series

“It’s really easy to walk outside the path of integrity as you move forward in your life. Don’t.”

Audette Exel at the GLP Innovative Leaders Series, 2016

Knowledge sharing is a key pillar of Audette Exel’s philosophy.

Audette, our Session 2 Innovative Leader, is a lawyer, international finance expert, philanthropist and founder of Adara, a for-purpose business that supports women and children in Nepal and Uganda. Adara aims to share the findings of its work widely, so others can build on their success and learn from their mistakes.

“The most important thing that we do as an organisation, maybe, is talk about our mistakes. They don’t define us. They enrich us.” – Audette (Thread Publishing 2015)

Audette believes the biggest mistakes – mistakes that compromise your integrity or cause harm – happen when you rush into decisions alone. At last month’s Innovative Leaders Series (ILS) event, Audette spoke about a time, in the early days of Adara, in the neonatal unit in Uganda when moving too quickly, without taking into account the local context and the lack of resources available, resulted in the loss of a number of babies’ lives.

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