Understanding ourselves through studying politics abroad

Hi GLPers, my name is Tony and I am in my final semester of Master of Accounting (CPA Extension). I would like to share with you my experiences of studying in a different country.

Through the GLP, I have done a 3-week program, International relations and the Middle East: a comparative European Perspective, in July 2016 in Milan, Italy and a 4-week program, GoAndes – Leadership, in Santiago, Chile earlier this year (watch this short video to find out more about GoAndes).

In a globalised world understanding different cultures is part of our everyday. Indisputably, the best way to understand a culture is to be in the culture yourself, rather than watching TV or reading travel books. Who would say no to spending some time with a local family and participating in their social activities? After all, culture is not about books, but people.

Overlooking Santiago on top of San Cristóbal Hill

On San Cristobal Hill, overlooking Santiago, Chile, Go Andes Program, 2017.

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Breaking new ground at the UN: Sustainable development in practice

Last year, 8 Macquarie students had the opportunity to participate in a short term exchange program in New York City that focused primarily on the inner workings of the United Nations (UN). The United Nations Summer Study Program was a three-week intensive course where we tackled global issues through the lens of UN policy and with the advice of expert speakers from Rutgers University, NGOs, UN agencies and professional industry.


Luke, Denise and Perri with the 2016 United Nations Summer Program cohort, United Nations Headquarters, New York, 2016

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Stephanie’s Winter at Sookmyung: Korean art, new friends and even a sheep cafe!

With the beginning of the new year, I was full of nervous-excitement as I knew I’d be spending the rest of the month in Seoul, South Korea. Before my trip, I didn’t know much about Korean culture beside its pop culture icons, such as PSY. I had been to a Big Bang concert a couple of months beforehand, so was keen to jump in and experience the country’s rich and vibrant history and culture.


Stephanie and the other international Sookmyung delegates trying on the traditional dress of South Korea, Hanbok.

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