Humans of GLP – Episode #1

Humans of GLP Logo Final

Ever wondered what a typical GLP student looks like? Well, like the diversity of characters that make up New York City (think Humans of New York), so too is every GLP student unique. You may have joined the program because you have an interest in gaining leadership skills and ended up discovering you are passionate about climate change, put these two together and boom – you’re capable of anything. The great thing about the GLP is that it’s an opportunity for people from across disciplines and perspectives to come together and think about global challenges and solutions.

As people have so many different passions and drivers, we wanted to find out more about you – the Humans of GLP – and how you want to make your impact. Here at GLP Headquarters (well, EMC2 building) we are inspired by your inspiration and so we asked our Student Representatives to take to the streets (okay, campus) to see why what you’re getting up to and what you care about most.


Phoebe doing a rendition of “Happy” otherwise known as “Sustainability”. Session 1, 2017.

Name: Phoebe

Degree/Year of Study: Bachelor of Environment /2nd Year

Where are you: O-Week 2017

Clap along if you feel like sustainability is the truth (because I’m happy)

Clap along if you know what sustainability is to you (because I’m happy)

Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

I am excited to join the GLP because I can engage in colloquia and activities based on my passion, the environment. I can also gain credit points for my volunteer work with our new and exciting student club, ‘Sustainability Squad.’

Taylor and Nazeli

GLPers and Macquarie University Mentors, Taylor and Nazeli, Session 1, 2017.

Name: Taylor and Nazeli


Taylor- Bachelor of Arts (International Relations/Development Studies & Culture Change)

Nazeli- Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education (Primary)

Where are you: Mentor Info Desk, Library

Why did you chose Macquarie University Mentors as a GLP activity?

We both had amazing mentors in our first year at Macquarie and wanted to pay that back by helping other new students in their first year too. Lucky for us, not only did this earn us points to our GLP but we got to build on our soft skills and make heaps of new friends.



Priyanga, Smriti, Ayat and Elizabeth playing ping pong, Session 1, 2017.

Name: Priyanga, Smriti, Ayat and Elizabeth

Degree/Year of Study: Priyanga: Bachelor of Business Administration with a Bachelor of Commerce – Professional Accounting, Smriti: Bachelor of Human Science, Ayat: Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Elizabeth: Bachelor of Media

Where are you: At the ping pong tables in the Atrium.

Question: What qualities do you think are essential in a global leader?

Confidence, strength, decision making, empathy and compassion.

Thank you to the GLP interviewees and our Student Representatives who put on their journalist hats to make Humans of GLP possible. 

Find out more about becoming a Macquarie University Mentor for Session 2, 2017. 


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