10 tips for effective networking

The fundamental element that defines the quality of your life is the people you surround yourself with and the conversations you have with them.” – Jon Levi


Fauzan in his role as a Macquarie Careers and Employment Service Representative

Many people believe that networking only needs to be utilized when you are looking for a job, but that’s the wrong idea!

Networking is making contacts, creating and maintaining relationships, finding out about opportunities, and making friends. It is an ongoing process, it requires persistence, attention, organisation and good will. Networking is a two-way street, it is a way of getting to know someone better and finding ways they might be able to help you and how you can help them in return.

Here are my top tips for making the most of networking;


Have a goal

Before you go to a networking event, ask yourself what you want to achieve from this event. For example, meeting two new people, getting a job lead or just making a new friend. Knowing what you want to accomplish beforehand can help you stay focused.

Make a memorable introduction

When meeting someone for the first time it is important to smile and keep eye contact. After you have introduced yourself, make sure you listen carefully to the other person when they introduce themselves.

Dress to impress

You want to dress professionally for networking events. Your dress is part of the first impression you give.

Listen first, then speak

Let the other person speak first. Ask questions that are simple and open-ended and that will help relax the person.

Take business cards

This is important. You want to give your contact details to someone in a professional manner when they ask them, and not on a piece of paper. If you don’t have a card, then design one using Microsoft Word or Canva.

Be genuine and share personal stories

Do not try to be someone you are not. Sharing personal stories and experiences make more for interesting and memorable conversation, which is exactly what you want – for the other person to remember you!

Don’t just network with the people you like and people like you

Get out of your comfort zone and meet people from diverse backgrounds. You will not only make friends but gain knowledge of different disciplines.

Follow up afterwards

So, you’ve made contacts in a networking event now comes the hard part. As I said networking requires persistence and hard work so a few days later send personalised emails to the contacts you want to stay in touch with. Let them know you enjoyed meeting them and mention something you talked about.

Utilise LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a very powerful social networking site for professionals. Connect with people you meet at networking events. Your LinkedIn profile is your business card and your online résumé! Once you have connected, make a note on their profile which is only visible to you, and write down where and when you met, and what you talked about.

Keep in touch with fellow students and alumni

Remember today’s university friends and classmates are all going to be in the workforce tomorrow, so it is important to maintain a good relationship with them.

Want more tips? Try these resources on networking and LinkedIn on the CareerHub.


Fauzan with fellow Macquarie Careers and Employment Service Representatives

Written by Fauzan Ahmed Tariq, a former GLP Student Representative and currently pursuing a Bachelor in Applied Finance. He is a Macquarie Careers and Employment Service Representative and Secretary of the University Network for Investing and Trading, a finance society on campus. He is interested in a career in Investment Banking.

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