Five minutes with GLP Representative Moses Qionbaravi

Hi GLPers! My name is Moses and I am in my 4th and final year of a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Politics and Accounting respectively. I enjoy the GLP because it challenges me to put into practice theories that I have learnt in the classroom while honing soft skills that are necessary in our globalised world. I look forward to meeting and completing the program alongside you through the year.


A trip to Dong Hua Men Night Markets in Beijing isn’t complete without a taste of the unusual, deep fried star-fish! Moses traveled to China last year with the MGMT340 study tour.

  1. What’s something that we don’t know about you? 

I love tea. I can have tea all day, any day, every day. If you ever see me stressed around campus, give me a cup of tea and I’ll be human again.

  1. Tell us about some of your extra-curricular experiences. Any big highlights you could share?

Since 2015, I have had a personal goal of travelling to a new and different country every year. In 2015, I visited the capital cities of the UK, Ireland and France. In 2016, I was in China and I am currently in the process of determining where my 2017 destination will be. For me, while I loathe being on a plane for more than an hour, the jetlag is forgotten (almost) once I land and begin to experience the local people and their culture.


With fellow MGMT340 students at the Dong Hua Men Night Markets, Beijing, China.

  1. What advice would you give to students who are currently completing the Global Leadership Program? 

I’ll pass on a challenge from Dr Jason Fox, who was the featured speaker at the inaugural Innovative Leaders Series in 2016. In beginning a new year, he told us all to choose a word that we could commit to living by during the whole year. He gave us the example of ‘pirate,’ which he embodied through the year by being adventurous and bold (note, he used the better aspects of a pirate, not the bad). For 2017, my word is ‘complete,’ which I have chosen because I want to fully engage in all aspects of my university journey to the best of my ability so that by year’s end, I can confidently say ‘complete.’ So choose a word and do your best to live it, either in the GLP, uni work or wherever. What’s your word for 2017?

  1. What do you wish someone told you on your first day of University?

Accurate campus directions.

  1. Is there an experiential credit activity you are hoping to complete? 

I’m hoping to participate in an activity that can take me overseas, either a short-course program or overseas symposium. I am also planning to enrol into a language course, most probably Auslan, our Australian sign language.


With fellow delegates on the GLP Canberra Symposium, 2016

  1. What business, person or innovation has been your biggest motivator?

There’s a story about a moon rock that Bill Clinton kept in the Oval Office during his presidency. Placed on a little table between the two chairs where the President and his counterpart would sit, whenever they would reach an impasse, he would point at the rock and say, “Wait! You see that moon rock? It’s 3.6 billion years old. Now we’re all just passing through here and we don’t have very much time, so let’s calm down and figure out what the right thing to do is.” Now I just need a moon rock for my future office.

  1. What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve been given?

‘Be a Sponge.’ As part of the GLP, through your university journey and in life overall, always be inquisitive and absorb useful information where ever you find yourself. You’ll be surprised at the many new things you can learn by simply listening and absorbing.

  1. 10 years from now… What do you hope to be doing?

In 2027, I hope to be working in some capacity of public policy creation and/or implementation. You may even see me as a featured speaker at either the Foreign Affairs Series or Innovative Leader Series speaking to the GLP of 2027.


With Australia’s Trade Commissioner and Austrade staff in Shanghai, China.

  1. Where would we find you in your spare time? 

At home. It’s easy to burn out quickly given my packed schedule of uni assignments, work commitments and extra-curricular activities so any spare time is simply set aside as quiet time. Never under-estimate the importance of quiet time.

  1. Would you rather live by the beach or by the snow?

I was raised in Fiji so living as close to the sea as possible is basically a necessity for me. Interestingly, although I was raised in the tropical climate and would rather live by the beach, winter is my favourite season, go figure.

The Global Leadership Student Representatives are undergraduate students who actively participate in the GLP and want to share their diversity of experiences and enthusiasm with other students to inspire, motivate and advise them. Keep an eye out for them around campus and at GLP events. 

Moses will be on the GLP O Week stall today. Come by and say hello!


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