Making the most of studying abroad

A big welcome to Macquarie for all our new students from abroad! 

Last year, Ashley traveled from her snowy home in Minnesota in America to spend a Session studying abroad at Macquarie. She was selected as a Macquarie Study Abroad Ambassador and blogged about her time in Australia. 

Hi GLPers, I’m from Green Bay, Wisconsin in the US. I am currently a second year Mathematics Education student at the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota. I spent the last half of 2016 studying abroad nearly 10,000 miles from home at Macquarie Uni. I came to uni unsure of what clubs and activities I was going to get involved with. I almost did not join the GLP because I was not sure what it entailed, so I hope this post can give you a feel for what to expect when you participate in the Global Leadership Program! My participation in the Spirituality and Social Transformation, Me Inc., Beyond Borders, and Indigeneity: unlocking the value of traditional knowledge and culture colloquia were unlike anything I have experienced in a classroom. The discussions were deep and meaningful, challenging you to think about topics in ways you have not before. As long as you go into the program with an open mind, you will learn to see the world from a new and improved lens, a skill I have found to be invaluable. Now I am back to school in the cold (-15 degrees Celsius on average) Minnesota winter, continuing my studies to graduate licensed to teach middle and high school math, spending an occasional weekend in the mountains snowboarding! I’ve included an extract of one of my posts in Australia below.


Ashley exploring the Great Barrier Reef, 2016

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Five minutes with GLP Representative, Despina Bouletos

Hey guys, I’m a second year Law and Commerce student hoping to practice law once I graduate. This is my second year in the GLP. The program has already provided me with so many amazing opportunities, so I’m excited to see where else it takes me. If you see me around, I’d love to chat about my GLP experience!


Despina riding a camel in Port Stephens

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Five minutes with GLP Representative Ali Asgher Ali

Hey guys!! Ali here!

I am in my third and final year of my Bachelor in Medical Sciences. I aim to pursue higher degree education and (hopefully) study the bio-molecular properties of terminal illnesses. I’ve been a GLPer since my first year and somewhat saddened that this is my last year, but will be leaving with pleasant memories and even more skills.

If you see me around give me a “Sup!” and I’ll me more than happy to talk about my GLP experiences. Hopefully we can all learn from our exchanging ideas 🙂


Ali on a bushwalk with the Buddy Program, 2016

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Five minutes with GLP Representative Moses Qionbaravi

Hi GLPers! My name is Moses and I am in my 4th and final year of a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Politics and Accounting respectively. I enjoy the GLP because it challenges me to put into practice theories that I have learnt in the classroom while honing soft skills that are necessary in our globalised world. I look forward to meeting and completing the program alongside you through the year.


A trip to Dong Hua Men Night Markets in Beijing isn’t complete without a taste of the unusual, deep fried star-fish! Moses traveled to China last year with the MGMT340 study tour.

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Journalists, diplomats & lions in Australia’s capital

Last year, GLPer Karina participated in the GLP Symposium to Canberra, a four day study tour to explore the ideas and debates that shape the country’s national and international agendas. Considering applying for this Session’s Symposium? Keep reading for the lowdown on what we get up to in Australia’s capital. 

In short, we had briefings with journalists, diplomats, attachés, activists and a lion. We visited places which are of great importance to Australian history, culture, and society. The Symposium to Canberra was all about how to be a leader within your community and do good. Here, I do not necessarily refer to any stereotypical political or economic leader of some sort. It is not about that; you do not need to reinvent the wheel, nor be the world’s saviour. It is the small things that make the impact.


Karina at the news desk at the ABC Parliamentary Bureau, Canberra, 2016


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