Happy Holidays from the GLP!

Joyeux Noël! Gesëende Kersfees! Feliz Navidad! Sung Tan Chuk Ha! Chuc Mung Giang Sinh! Bada Din Mubarak Ho! God Jul! Buone Feste Natalizie! Sawadee Pee Mai! Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal and a very Happy Holidays to you!



What a year 2016 has been!

At the inaugural Innovative Leaders Series  Dr Jason Fox encouraged everyone to think of a word that would inform their approach to everyday life and define their year. GLP Staff decided on catalyst. It was our hope that the GLP would be a catalyst for you, as students. That it would inspire and equip you to learn, take action, and create positive change in your world through your experiences.

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Reviving the ‘Golden Rule’: Advice from our 2016 Excellence Award Winner

Let me start by telling a short story.

When I was 5, I was caught picking flowers from my elderly neighbour’s front garden.  They weren’t hanging over the fence and available for picking like my mother had advised.

“How would you like it if you woke up to find that someone had picked all our mangoes?” My mother scolded. I remember thinking “how on earth I will I put the flowers back on the trees so that there would be enough frozen mangoes to last the sweltering wet season. The point my mother was making was that I wouldn’t like it, so why would I do it to someone else? This seemingly innocent experience, taught me a very important life lesson, which I carry with me today as a global leader.

The golden rule, is, to treat others how you wish to be treated. It has been written about extensively, referenced in personal and professional conversations and is widely seen as a universal principle to live by. I believe this is the foundation for a positive, nourishing and prosperous world. The behaviours incidental in the golden rule begin in our homes (stealing the neighbours flowers), travel out into our community and have a domino effect that floods the world around us.  The golden rule is instrumental in being a good global leader, and can help to shape popular leadership around the globe.

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How to make the most of your GLP: final advice from the Session 2 GLP Ambassadors

During the course of Session 2, the GLP Team enjoyed working with our four GLP Ambassadors, Aditi, Fauzan, Hana and Ivana, on a range of GLP events. Between them, the Ambassadors have amassed a range of diverse GLP experiences, including working at a summer camp in America, organising events and field trips for an environmental sciences club, learning Italian at Bologna University, Italy and interning for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Pakistan.

In the midst of their exams, the Ambassadors took some time out from their preparations to reflect on their experiences, share some highlights and some final, parting tips with us on how you can make the most of your GLP.

Bachelor of Arts with the degree Bachelor of Commerce

Shenandoah National Park

My highlights with the GLP range from travelling across the world, delving into new and interesting cultures and meeting distinguished diplomats. Yet this doesn’t even crack the surface of all my experiences with the program!

The GLP has helped me grow and develop in ways I couldn’t even have dreamed of. So I recommend that you put on your dancing shoes, get stuck in, dive into the deep end and get swept away!

Top tip:

Make as many friendships and connections throughout your time in the program as possible.

Bachelor of Applied Finance

Taking part in the GLP Ambassador Program is definitely the highlight of my GLP experience. It has provided me with an opportunity to challenge myself and boost my confidence by interacting with many students, faculty staff members, professionals and of course, forging a special bond with the GLP staff.

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