Innovative Leaders Series: Student Ambassadors react to Session 2 Speaker Audette Exel

“Every life we’ve been involved with or touched is important to me.”

-Audette Exel-

One might say that GLP’s Innovative Leader for Session 2, Audette Exel’s approach to her work with The Adara Group is underpinned by a very simple, universal philosophy: treat every life as important. Look again, and you see that embodied in this simple statement is a vision that is all-encompassing. For Audette, treating every life as important is about support. It’s about enabling access to health, education, child well-being, maternal healthcare. It’s about empowerment, respect and dignity and the right to be independent.

In Audette’s case, it’s not just a vision that has managed to touch the lives of more than 100,000 people. The very foundational basis for The Adara Group, and the essence of the GLP’s Innovative Leaders Series is that inspiration and vision, combined with engagement and action, are the mechanisms for achieving lasting, sustainable change.


Audette at the Kiwoko Hospital neonatal intensive care unit in Uganda. The Unit was funded and built by the Adara Group.

We asked our GLP Ambassadors what they found most inspiring about our Innovative Leader, Audette.

Read on to find out:

What do you find most inspiring about Audette’s journey?


Aditi, Bachelor of Environment: Audette really challenges the ideas people have about finance and profit, and it’s interesting how she uses both to empower communities in poverty rather than using them for her own personal luxuries.

fauzanFauzan, Bachelor of Applied Finance: I feel as if I have truly found the perfect career inspiration, someone from whom I can truly gain unimaginably helpful career and personal advice on how to go on a similar journey. As a student of applied finance, I wish to gain insight into how a finance professional used her skills and knowledge of the industry to take steps and finally succeed in bringing change to the lives of many.


Hana, Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Commerce:  I am most inspired by Audette’s ability to use her experiences to face a range of challenges, such as domestic and global barriers, to establish the Adara Group and tap into villages and communities that are in dire need.

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Ivana, Bachelor of Law with Bachelor of International Studies: The most inspiring thing for me is seeing a woman educated in law apply her skills to empower those who are not as fortunate. This is one of the most empowering and selfless things a person could achieve in their lifetime; equipped with the power of a degree they were lucky enough to receive.


Audette in Uganda.jpg

Audette with Adara’s Uganda Program Manager

If you could ask Audette Exel one question, what would it be?

Aditi: What have you found to be the most rewarding component of working with communities that are struggling financially?

Fauzan: What challenges did you face in reaching this pinnacle in your career, and how did you overcome those challenges? What would you have done differently?

Hana: It is clear that you are extremely resilient and determined in fighting for equality and making a change. What would be your biggest piece of advice, for students like us, facing similar challenges in an attempt to help improve others’ lives in the global community?

Ivana: What was the most challenging part of leaving your former job and establishing Adara? Was it a success from the start?

Audette Exel will be the speaker at our Innovative Leaders Series event on the evening of Wednesday 28 September. 

The Innovative Leaders Series brings students from across the GLP together to hear from  innovators who have developed their ideas into means for catalysing positive social change. The Innovative Leaders Series is a keynote event function incorporating a Q &A session with our Innovative Leader, as well as a networking component. The GLP’s Innovative Leaders Series is run in the mid-Session break of both Session 1 and Session 2 and held on the Macquarie campus. 

Check your emails for more details on the event and how to register or, if you are a current GLP student, register on Thrive.


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