Five minutes with Student Ambassador, Fauzan Ahmed Tariq

Hi fellow GLPers!

I am a third year Bachelor of Applied Finance student. This is my second year taking part in the GLP and I am a bit sad that this journey will be coming to an end soon, but I will be leaving with many pleasant memories. I aspire to make a positive change in this world. 

If you see me on campus come say hi! You are more than welcome to ask me about GLP and my experiences here at Macquarie University and abroad.


Fauzan in the Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden in Stanford University, California, USA, 2013

What is your favourite food?

I love the traditional Italian style pizza with the thin crust and lots of cheese and maybe some salami slices on top as well.

Tell us about some of your extra-curricular experiences. Any highlights?

My favorite extra-curricular highlight would be that I am a qualified para glider from Army School of Physical Training in Kakul, Pakistan. I love to play soccer, and my favorite hobby is photography. I hope to start astrophotography soon because the night sky has always fascinated me.


Fauzan at a paragliding course with the Pakistan Army School of Physical Training in Kakul, Pakistan, 2013

If you could have dinner with any figure, alive or otherwise, who would it be?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

What advice would you give to students who are currently completing the Global Leadership Program?

There are lots of options to make up your 200 credit points, do not let the digits 200 overwhelm you. Try one activity at a time, and plan ahead. Seek guidance from the GLP staff, they want you to ask them. Finally, there are tons of Colloquia to choose from, go for the ones that interest you, try to gain knowledge by going to the ones that aren’t from your field.

What’s your favourite part of the program?

I like the challenge it brings. It keeps you motivated to achieve the final goal. The opportunities are endless, like going on a Canberra Symposium, where you get to meet many foreign dignitaries, or going on a semester abroad or just learning an extra language. It is totally up to you what you want to gain out of this.


Fauzan feeding a lion at the National Zoo of Australia on the GLP Symposium to Canberra, 2015

What business, person or innovation has been your biggest motivator?

My dad has been my role model from the beginning. Seeing him climb high in his military career with kindness, grace and integrity, knowing no boundaries, crossing every obstacle, thinking and planning ahead and pushing through with resilience, I wish to be like him. Plus having a disciplined life helps one achieve their goals. And this is what I try to incorporate in my daily life as well.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve been given?

I have been lucky to have a few mentors in my life and some of the best pieces of advice I’ve received are from them:

“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking because her trust is not in the branch, but in her own wings. Believe in yourself.”

“Winning is a conscious decision. Make up your mind whether you want to pass…or fail.”

“Anything in life worth doing is worth overdoing. Moderation is for cowards.”

Your philosophy is…

being honest and straightforward.


Fauzan riding in Mona Remount Depot, an army depot spreading over 10,000 acres used to breed and train horses, Pakistan, 2016

What do you want to do when you grow up?

I aspire to become an investment banker and, after building my career, I would like to venture into politics so that I can make the world better for as many people as I can.


The Global Leadership Ambassadors are undergraduate students who actively participate in the GLP and want to share their diversity of experiences and enthusiasm with other students to inspire, motivate and advise them. Keep an eye out for them around campus and at GLP events.




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