5 minutes with Student Ambassador, Hana Siddiqui

Great to meet you GLPers!

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Law and Global Governance with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Human Resources. My future aspiration is to work in the corporate world dealing with learning and development strategies, with a particular focus on cross-cultural impacts.

Hana on Route 66 during a break from working as a summer camp counselor in America, 2015

Hana on Route 66 during a break from working as a summer camp counselor in America, 2015

What’s something we don’t know about you?

I’ve owned 13 different fish and named them all after Harry Potter characters.

You spent 6 months working in the US last year. What would be your advice to anyone thinking of doing some international volunteering?

It’s a pretty daunting idea to leave home and your loved ones for such a long time, but I definitely urge anyone to do it. My advice for someone in this situation is three-fold;

  1. Research the culture and way of life of the country, in particular the best food and where to find it
  2. Set up your Skype account before you leave and do not feel scared to call a loved one when you’re feeling a little lost. No matter the time difference!
  3. Get stuck in and make the most of the friendships, experiences and memories awaiting you!

What sorts of things have you been doing alongside your degree?

I like to keep pretty busy with a mixture of family, friends, work, sport and volunteering. This involves working part time at a childcare centre to keep the bank afloat as well as volunteering for numerous charities including Beyond Blue, Erase Racism and Daffodil Day. I took part in the LEAP Mentoring program where I worked alongside high school students from refugee backgrounds. Additionally, I coach a netball and basketball team as well as playing for my local netball team. Also my strong love for music means you might often seeing me tearing up the dance floor at Ubar!

LEAP Mentoring

Hana with her fellow LEAP (Refugee Mentoring) mentors, 2016

What advice would you give to students who are currently completing the Global Leadership Program? 

It can seem like a lot of work to get done, but just dive right into the deep end as it is definitely worth it. Do not be afraid to sign up for volunteer programs, Foreign Affairs Series and Symposia. Not only will you learn the behind-the-scenes processes of political, diplomatic and human rights practices but you’ll meet some amazing people along the way too. Also enrol in Colloquia which interest you, co-ordinate them with friends for company and do not forget your double shot of coffee for the evening sessions!

Feel free to come and say hi when you see me around and ask me questions about my GLP experience. I am always more than happy for a chat, or just to listen.

What’s your favourite part of the program?

The aspect of self-growth, which has been embedded into the program, by challenging us to step out of our comfort zones through thinking about and discussing the bigger picture. As well as the mix of theoretical and practical skills to equip ourselves for the real world and its challenges.

Canberra Symposium - Parliament House

Hana outside Parliament House on the GLP Symposium to Canberra earlier this year

What business, person or innovation has been your biggest motivator?

Eleanor Roosevelt, who helped draft the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as well as dramatically changing the role of First Lady of the United States in the Post-World War Era.

What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve been given?

My dad’s quote of Lao Tzu; “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

10 years from now… What do you hope to be doing?

I dream of an early retirement, living on a remote Spanish beach keeping up a healthy tan and eating delicious local food…but in reality I hope to be working in the corporate world, sitting on the board of a Human Rights committee and planning my next travel destination.

Shenandoah National Park

Hana at Shenandoah National Park during her time spent working in America, 2015

Where would we find you in your spare time? 

Heading off on a food adventure to try the newest attempt at a Nutella milkshake and halloumi stack or sitting in the sun with a good book.

What’s worse: hearing someone chew gum, or listening to someone tap their pen?

My worst nightmare would be having to listen to both, at the same time with both sounds being slightly out of time with each other!


The Global Leadership Ambassadors are undergraduate students who actively participate in the GLP and want to share their diversity of experiences and enthusiasm with other students to inspire, motivate and advise them. Keep an eye out for them around campus and at GLP events.


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