Network, take initiative and find your passion: Final advice from the Session 1 GLP Ambassadors

With O Week just around the corner you are most likely in planning mode for next Session. Perhaps you are madly trying to enrol in the best tutorial time. Maybe you’ve just spent all your savings on colour coordinated stationery. Or maybe you are the first hour into a long layover on your way home from a winter break spent travelling.

The GLP team has spent the last couple of weeks finding four energetic and passionate Ambassadors with a wealth of GLP experiences, including working at a summer camp in America, organising events and field trips for an environmental sciences club, learning Italian at Bologna University, Italy and interning for Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Pakistan. We’ll introduce our new Ambassadors soon but before we do, our Session 1 Ambassadors have a few final tips and tricks to help you get the most out of the Program.

James, Ashley and Yousof at the GLP pop up stall

James, Ashley and Yousof at the GLP pop up stall, Session 1, 2016


Diversify your experience and get engaged in something you’ve never tried. I made sure I tried new and exciting experiences, activities I never thought I could do, and things I always counted myself out from.

Talk to other GLP students. I am terribly shy, but it was through taking extra steps to get involved with other GLPers that I’ve made, not only valuable connections, but also top notch mates!

Ask your Ambassadors. We’re students just like you, juggling work, study and everything else, and are always keen to share our experiences with other GLPers.

Learn a language and cross that cultural border. There’s so much to gain from getting into another culture: new ways of thinking, of expressing yourself, of reading, of feeling and experiencing the world, plus the joy of being able to connect with a whole new set of global citizens!


Did you know only 3 Colloquia are core requirements of the program? Feel free to select electives that align with your interest.

It IS possible to finish the program with less than a year left in your degree! Read Tony’s blog post to find out how he did it!

Did you know that volunteering within your community counts for GLP credit? Ask a GLP Advisor today if your activity is applicable.

Perri, James and Ashley at the Innovative Leaders Series, Session 1, 2016

Perri, James and Ashley at the Innovative Leaders Series, Session 1, 2016


GLP is one of the easiest, most accessible ways to meet like-minded and driven people from different faculties. This proves to be good when you are in very structured degrees like Engineering, allowing you to explore different disciplines and meet people from respective faculties. Some of my closest friends at uni today have come from the GLP.

The best way to approach GLP is to structure it steadily in alignment with your degree duration. A lot of students burn out and it’s good idea to attend a couple of Colloquia and volunteer or intern for one organisation per Session. This steady approach ensures you are always maximising your experiences, whilst keeping a healthy balance with other commitments.

As you continue the program, start taking your own initiative to find opportunities. If you can relate it to the GLP requirements, then you can “petition for points” to have it credited and possibly recognised for more students. This is one form of leadership and the best way to learn is to bounce ideas off one another.


The feedback surveys are a great way to help GLP staff keep GLP activities relevant & interesting. Be honest in your answers.

And last but not least, connect your passions to your GLP!


The Global Leadership Ambassadors are undergraduate students who actively participate in the GLP and want to share their diversity of experiences and enthusiasm with other students to inspire, motivate and advise them. Keep an eye out for them at the O Week stalls (11am – 3pm) in the Central Courtyard next week.


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