Unlock your potential in Asia


Even after four months in Hong Kong, I am constantly amazed by how Asia is a door to endless opportunities. For me, the New Colombo Plan has provided the key, by supporting me to pursue study and internships in my chosen fields: Public International Law and Dispute Resolution.

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Hon. Julie Bishop and Govenor General Peter Cosgrove at the Awards Ceremony in Canberra

The New Colombo Plan is a coveted Australian Government scholarship, which encourages greater knowledge of the Indo-Pacific region by supporting undergraduate students to live, study and work in nearby nations. There is also the New Colombo Plan mobility scheme, which can help Macquarie students to undertake regional PACE International projects, such as Cambodia and India.


Enjoying HKU’s Picturesque Campus!

Currently, I am studying law at the University of Hong Kong, which is the 2nd highest ranked university in Asia and one of Macquarie University’s official exchange partners. It offers a fascinating range of subjects, from International Economic Law to Human Rights in Hong Kong. As part of my studies, I am conducting a research project on use of technology in civil litigation in Hong Kong, in order to increase access to justice for foreign domestic helpers.

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Feeling inspired with Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin of the Canadian Supreme Court. She is the first woman to hold this position. 

University lecturers and guest speakers alike are of an incredible calibre. I consider myself fortunate to have met influential legal personalities, including Justice Scalia of the Supreme Court of the United States, just two weeks before he unexpectedly passed away. From June, I am eager to learn more about the judiciary system first-hand, through my role as an assistant to a High Court judge in Hong Kong.


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Dumpling Heaven


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High Table Dinner with my lovely floormates

Hong Kong is a bustling global metropolis, and an exciting second home. Universities have a rich sense of culture, which I enjoy by living in a local student hall that organises frequent social gatherings and sports activities. Between paddling for the Law Society of Hong Kong’s Dragon Boat team and acting as Secretary of the Australian-China Youth Association (Hong Kong), I am also an enthusiastic patron of local dim sum restaurants.

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Not just a big city – Hong Kong is a place of natural beauty

Asia has much on offer if you want to develop professional skills and networks. Earlier this year, I was a delegate at the Australia-China Emerging Leaders Summit (ACELS) in Shanghai. Additionally, I was invited by the Australian Consul General to attend the official Australia Day reception, alongside foreign dignitaries and business leaders. At these events, I was inspired by other peoples’ stories of success in living and working across diverse cultures. After my exchange, I shall undertake legal internships in Hong Kong and India with the support of the New Colombo Plan.

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Exploring Shanghai with fellow ACELS delegates. Photo credit: Roger Lee


Regardless of how you come to Asia, whether through university exchange, language program or a scholarship such as the New Colombo Plan, it is exhilarating to step over that threshold into our region and embrace the boundless opportunities that it holds. I am very grateful to the Australian Government for its continuing support of the New Colombo Plan. Explore your future in Asia, and apply today.

Jennifer Tridgell is a penultimate year Bachelor of Arts (Politics & International Relations)/Laws student. She is a 2016 New Colombo Plan Scholar, presently on exchange at the University of Hong Kong. Jennifer will also be able to claim her exhange under GLX 01 Exchange or study abroad for 100 points. Learn more about Macquarie Student Exchange here.  

Learn more about the New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholarship Program, a prestigious Australian Government initiative that aims to increase knowledge of the Indo-Pacific by supporting undergraduate students to take semester study in one of 38 locations, including China, India, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. NCP Scholarship recipients may be awarded up to $26,500 per semester to pay for study, living and travel expenses during the experience.

Information on how to apply for the 2017 round will be provided at the session. MQ applications close Sunday 8 May. Further information on the initiative can be found here: or express your interest mi.exchange@mq.edu.au




How will you be an innovative leader in 2030? #innovateGLPILS

“Progressing through unprecedented territory. Questioning. Experimenting. Exploring. Creating new value. Rethinking business models. Actually innovating (not just talking about it). Leading, not waiting. Changing the game, to make clever happen.”
– Dr Jason Fox 

By engaging in lively discussion and earnestly collaborating with fellow students and GLP Alumni, attendees most certainly ‘made clever happen’ during the networking portion of the inaugural Innovative Leaders Series (ILS) event featuring keynote speaker Dr Jason Fox.

Transported to the year 2030, ILS attendees were assigned with a job of the future to address a significant global social issue ranging from climate change, youth unemployment and poverty, to animal rights, gender equality and racism.

Being 2030, these social issues are of a whole new scale. Think robots, genetic engineering, hover cars, nuclear energy and neurochips. Working in teams, GLPers and GLP Alumni brainstormed creative, cutting-edge solutions for these social issues of our future.

The game gave attendees an opportunity to not only dream up entrepreneurial, pioneering ideas to create global social change, but also to develop critical professional networking skills in persuasion, negotiation and collaboration.

Developing a solution to climate change, gender equality or poverty in one evening is challenging even for the most innovative leaders, but we were still impressed with the creativity of the ideas. Here are some of the best!


An innovative solution for food waste in 2030:

There were a number of top ideas for this problem. The GLP team couldn’t pick so we have combined the best below.

Well done Tessa Sides, Jessica Jin and Mathumita Loganathan!

Their Position: Director of Digital Marketing at the International Institute of Climate Strategy

What’s the problem?  In 2030, food waste is a significant issue, economically and environmentally, with young people the biggest contributors to food waste in Australia. How do you get food waste on young people’s agenda?

How did they innovate? Pay for what you eat policy. Uneaten food can now be returned and recycled with new food sterilising technology that allows buyers to get back the money spent on uneaten food. This minimises food wastage and incentivises sustainable food and waste practices.

People who return uneaten food are able to track their donations on social media to see the difference that they are making! Some universities are even implementing holographic reminders (think piles of holographic food!) that show the progress participants are making in reducing food waste and landfill.

What else would GLP add?

We think a hologram of our daily food waste at the uni would be an effective way of thinking about our purchases, consumption and waste. Going one step further, imagine if it was an interactive hologram, that you had to walk through as you entered and exited the campus. Having your lunch floating next to your head would surely lead to more sustainable choices!


An innovative solution for racism on public transport in 2030:

Again, the GLP team couldn’t pick the best idea so we have combined the standouts below. After all, the best ideas require collaboration! 

Well done Guy Webster, Ellen Xie, Shreya Sharma and Emily Tang!

Their Position: App Developers for iChange, creating tech solutions for social problems.

What’s the problem? In 2030, racist tirades on Sydney’s public transport have increased. How will you create an app that will help people safely speak up and report these incidents?

How did their innovate? Guy, Ellen, Shreya and Emily thought up an app that allows people to safely report incidents on public transport. With built in options that allow you to sound an alarm, record the offence and get authorities to intervene at the next bus or train stop.

Dialogue boxes are located at all major interchanges and stations that allow citizens to detail their experiences of racism linking it to specific bus and train routes. The dialogue collected creates an avatar* that expresses the feelings and lived experiences of different people.

The app and avatar have great potential to be used as a force for good in the media by drawing attention to the difficulties that many people face and where the incidents are occurring.

What else would GLP add?

We think this app (which we would call SafeTravels!) is a clever and effective way of collecting accurate data from numerous bus and train lines. This data, which clearly highlights areas of significance, can be used to inform policy and focus appropriate resources and strategies to ensure a safer society. 


The GLP Team would like to thank you for engaging in thoughtful and meaningful discussion with your peers and for thinking beyond the default, getting curious and innovating for the future.

Keep making clever happen.

The Innovative Leaders Series is run in the mid-Session break of both Session 1 and Session 2 and held on the Macquarie campus. We already have secured another visionary leader fro Session 2, 2016 who is excited to connect with you and share their journey in innovative leadership. These events will be advertised through all the usual GLP channels and interested students from all GLP cohorts will have to opportunity to register to attend. Registration will work on a first-come first-served basis through Thrive. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements about our inspiring guests and details about the events!

*An avatar is a graphic representation of a person. It may take either a three-dimensional form, as in games or virtual worlds, or a two-dimensional form as an icon in Internet forums and other online communities. Dictionary.com