Innovative Leaders Series: Student Ambassadors React to Session 1 speaker Dr. Jason Fox

Hailing from the dapper coffee capital of Australia Dr. Jason Fox is causing quite a stir amongst GLP Student Ambassadors. What is it exactly that has them intrigued? Is it his passion for liberating Australians from out-dated notions of motivation and progress? It is his unique insights on what the future of work will look like? The lessons he might be able to share from his work with Fortune 500 companies? Or is it his striking ability to skateboard through the streets of Melbourne in a completely tailored three piece suit? (Please see clip here)

Read on to find out!

Initial Reaction:



Perri Reynolds: “Who is this man? Why is his beard so impressive? Is it full of secrets? Can he really reinvent the way we work, change the game to strive for quality and curiosity over productivity and efficiency?



image4.JPGJames Bowers: This is the most ‘Melbourne’ guy I have ever seen. What does he mean by the changing nature of work? Leadership is developing? He’s right! He’s thinking critically about how leadership has changed and why the old standard ways of thinking just don’t innovate. How can we expect change if we just hit the same old steps time and time again?


Why are you looking forward to hearing Dr. Fox Speak?

Ashley: In a world where new technology is old news and an endless world of answers lay at our fingertips, I wonder what we, as young minds, will be able to bring to society once our studies are completed. What can we do now to harbour creative thinking, to pioneer new ideas, or re-think old ones? What tools do we need to become the next generation of leaders and innovators?

James: The world hasn’t changed, it is changing, and with each development the way that we conduct ourselves and the methods we use to deal with challenges become less and less effective. To be able to respond to a dynamic process like this, we as changemakers and visionaries must be liberated from the same old, the tried and tested, the safe. It’s not so much about risk, it’s about taking the lead rather than waiting to follow. It’s about having the drive to look beyond hard targets, beyond sets of numbers and dates and deadlines, and looking at the bigger picture. Dr Fox is bringing these concepts to the fore at a time when the world is changing faster than we can document, when adaptive actions are more necessary than ever to innovate, achieve and succeed.

Perri: The idea to change the game, to rethink the structure and expectation of a 9-5 job, that is what interests me most about this speaker. As Jason Fox says, ‘it is the allure of the undiscovered possibilities that fascinates me’ – it will certainly be interesting to learn from this wild, bearded man from the town of Melbourne who claims to know not only the key to changing the game, but also, how to skateboard whilst doing it!


Dr Jason Fox will be the speaker at our inaugural Innovative Leaders Series event on the evening of Wednesday April 13.

Over the coming weeks you can expect a video message directly from Dr Fox that will give you a taste of what you can expect if you sign up to attend the inaugural ILS event along with other tips, hints and information to give you context for the ILS and to get you inspired.

You will also receive more detailed information about the evening, timings the networking component of the event and the practical information on how to book in.

Strictly business casual. 

Your attendance at these events is not compulsory, however they are advantageous to your development of networking skills and awareness of wider contemporary issues outside the Colloquia topics. The Innovative Leaders Series is an unparalleled opportunity for all GLP students to come together and enjoy a sense of community and celebrate the achievements of GLP students who have made outstanding contributions and gone above and beyond the requirements of the Program. 


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