Five Minutes with Student Ambassador Yousof Ahmadzai!

Yousof.jpgI’m currently in my 4th year studying a combined Bachelor of Applied Finance with a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Honours). I aspire to work in the corporate world dealing with investments and financial services, and later pursuing project and property management.

1. What is your favourite type of food?

Favourite type of food would hands down have to be Mi Goreng.

2.  Tell us about some of your extra-curricular experiences. Any big highlights you could share?

I am/have been involved with numerous organisations and societies on and off campus – some including UNIT, Enactus, LEAP Mentoring, Ubar Social Committee, United Nations Youth, and of course the GLP! One of my highlights would be presenting in front of the Department of Education and university officials on University Experience Day – helping promote pathways initiatives for refugee children.

Enactus Leaders 2015.jpg

Enactus Leaders 2015

University Experience Day speech for LEAP Mentoring.jpg

University Experience Day with LEAP Mentoring

3. Outside of Uni and the GLP… what do you get up to?

I’m accredited for my Certificates 3 and 4 in Fitness and Personal Training as I am very passionate about health and exercise. I’m also a big music festival fan, as well as working part time to build up the bank.

4. What advice would you give to students who are currently completing the Global Leadership Program?

Take on any opportunity in your way, and think outside the box as well to those opportunities that challenge your current mindset and perceptions.

5. What’s your favourite part of the program?

My favourite part of the program is the flexible nature which allows students to augment the structure around their academic, social and political interests. The GLP definitely opens eyes and catalyses self-growth in more ways than one.

GLP Canberra Symposium 2015 Sem 1.jpg

Global Leadership Canberra Symposium 2015

6. What business, person or innovation has been your biggest motivator?

Michael Yardney – one of Australia’s most highly regarded property investors who illustrates his techniques in both a simplistic, yet complex nature.

7. What’s the greatest piece of advice you’ve been given?

Failure is the quickest route to success, as long as we learn from our setbacks and use it as motivation to bounce back higher.

8. Your philosophy is…

My philosophy revolves around the importance of striving for progress, rather than perfection. The time will pass anyway, but experiences shape us.

9. What do you want to do when you grow up?

At least once feature on a television game show – such as Deal or No Deal. A man can dream. If this doesn’t work out, hopefully I will have achieved my desired career pursuits and have a solid foundation to travel me forward in life.

10. Would you rather have to swim across a 50 metre pool to escape a hungry shark or run across a football field (110 metres) to escape an angry gorilla?

I’ve always wanted to play real life Temple Run – so I would have to choose running across a football field with the gorilla chasing me!


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