Many ways to Christmas!

Joyeux Noël! Gesëende Kersfees! Feliz Navidad! Sung Tan Chuk Ha! Chuc Mung Giang Sinh! Bada Din Mubarak Ho! God Jul! Buone Feste Natalizie! Sawadee Pee Mai! Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal!

Whether you are getting back into the groove of a regular working week, or you’re preparing for the upcoming session we thought we would throwback to our favourite time of year. Whether it’s a barbecue by the beach, filling stockings over the fire place or dodging the seemingly never ending barrage of questions about what exactly it is that you study at uni or if you’ve found a grad job yet, Christmastime is full of different traditions. We all celebrate differently, that’s what makes the world interesting! So we asked GLPers,  Samantha and Lachlan, to share with us some of the highlights from their ‘traditional’ Christmases.


Samantha’s Chilean Christmas



Postal box Christmas tree! 

It’s Christmas and you’re in Chile.  You can’t escape from the fact that it´s Christmas here because all the streets are lined with flashing snowmen and festive sky high arboles (trees) and the odd hum of Jingle Bells playing throughout boutiques and news agencies.

The Postal Museum is a room filled with letters from children detailing what they want for Christmas. Anyone can go in, select a letter or several and buy the children whatever they have asked for. While it is heart-warming to read some of the outrageous things kids ask for  it is as equally heartbreaking, given that many of them ask for food for their families.


A letter from the Postal Museum.

Two words: party trucks. Imagine the extravagance of a Carnival parade tenfold, complete with locals dressed to the nines, throwing candy and giving gifts to the public. It is intoxicating  to say the least, the city is alive with activity almost every night!

Lachlan’s Australian Christmas

Being in a family of, now, 4 adults who discovered a number of years ago that while you can’t pick family it doesn’t mean you always have to spend Christmas with your 2nd cousins once removed, we established our own traditions. Christmas day with my family is a day of over-indulgence and relaxation. Could it get any better?

An excessive amount of cheese, seafood and champagne is the order of the day followed by a dip in the spa. Over the past few years we have extended our welcome and made a habit of bringing over friends who are international students or those who can’t spend Christmas with their own families. It’s enjoyable to know that we can share the holiday season with whomever we chose and make it a day that means more than gifts ever could.


Whatever GLPers got up to over the break, we hope it was relaxing and enjoyable and that you’re ready for 2016.

* Contributions by Samantha Bodell and Lachlan McGrath studying Bachelor of Arts-Psychology with Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, respectively. 

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