From my culture to yours…

Hello my name is Georgina Rullis and I am an Indigenous Cadet working for the Global Leadership Program. I’m of Torres Strait Islander descent, (not Aboriginal as you might be thinking) and it will be my responsibility in the coming months to moderate, maintain and post new stories onto


My hope is that by reading the coming stories on this website you will be inspired and motivated to complete some enriching and fulfilling activities as part of your Experiential Credit/ Cross Cultural Practicum. GLP students are doing some amazing things for themselves, for others, and their future careers and some of our alumni have gone on to have great success in their careers (more on this in coming months).  This blog will also serve to inform you guys about the opportunities that are available to you should you really make the most of your time in the Global Leadership Program. Volunteering, going on exchange overseas, and attending domestic and international conferences (just some examples), will all change your perspective and help you to grow and develop as a person and a professional. They will also mean that at the end of your degree you’ll have a great resume rich in experience as well as academic qualification(s).  


To tell you a little bit about myself, I’m really passionate about Indigenous affairs and advocacy. I am on the executive board of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) Student Society, the only student group at Macquarie run by, and for, the Indigenous peoples of Australia. I’m also the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student Representative on Macquarie’s new Student Advisory Board (formerly known as the Macquarie University Student Representative Association).  In my capacity as the ATSI student rep I’m currently organising a festival to be held on campus which will celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and raises awareness of both the Aboriginal community at Macquarie and the issues which are faced by the Indigenous community at large. I also mentor Aboriginal high school kids at Mount Druitt as part of Macquarie University’s Aboriginal Outreach Program.


As well as being a GLP staff member I’m also a student in the program myself. I’m currently studying for a Bachelor of International Studies, majoring in Modern Greek, as I’m really interested in Greek history and culture, particularly Greek mythology.


One memorable GLP experience that I’ve had was last year’s Canberra symposium trip. I enjoyed seeing Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard at Question Time and had a great time shopping at the bus depot markets. As I want to one day work for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), or some other such governmental job where I have the excuse to travel, it was really interesting for me getting to see all the different embassies and diplomatic residences that are in Canberra. I can’t recommend the trip enough, staff member or not.


I hope to see you around uni,



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