Cross Cultural Practicum: Bringing Culture to You

I joined the GLP with little more than a year left in my Accounting masters. With a bit of thought, it is not as hard to complete the GLP in one year as you might imagine. In fact, there are many interesting ways of completing the cross cultural practicum without going overseas.

To earn my credit, I developed a video game about shadow puppets. It is called Projection, a puzzle game about light manipulation, curiosity and lost art. The wonderful thing about working on this project is that it opened up many opportunities to explore different cultures.


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Five Minutes with Chris Vein

Session 1, 2017 Foreign Affairs Series – Speaker Profile 

Name: Chris Vein 

Position: Partner – PwC

Years of Experience: 30+

GLP Student Representative, Moses, sat down with Chris Vein to ask him 5 important questions in 5 minutes. Chris Vein presented at the GLP Foreign Affairs Series, Session 1, 2017 on Technology and the Future of Global Governance.


Chris Vein talking to former President of the US, Barack Obama.

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Humans of GLP – Episode #1

Humans of GLP Logo Final

Ever wondered what a typical GLP student looks like? Well, like the diversity of characters that make up New York City (think Humans of New York), so too is every GLP student unique. You may have joined the program because you have an interest in gaining leadership skills and ended up discovering you are passionate about climate change, put these two together and boom – you’re capable of anything. The great thing about the GLP is that it’s an opportunity for people from across disciplines and perspectives to come together and think about global challenges and solutions.

As people have so many different passions and drivers, we wanted to find out more about you – the Humans of GLP – and how you want to make your impact. Here at GLP Headquarters (well, EMC2 building) we are inspired by your inspiration and so we asked our Student Representatives to take to the streets (okay, campus) to see why what you’re getting up to and what you care about most.

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How a Year 12 student from Dubbo found opportunity through the GLEP

Hi all, my name is Nick and I am in my first semester of a Bachelor of Laws with Bachelor of Media. I’d like to share my experiences about coming from a regional town and gaining entry into Macquarie University through the Global Leadership Entry Program. And then – what it’s like adapting to life in Sydney!

During my HSC year at Dubbo College Senior Campus, I was privileged to be mentored and assisted by two dedicated ladies, Cathy and Kerry, from Education and Training Out West’s Transition to University Program, who were instrumental in assisting students from regional NSW gain entry into university. Students from regional areas that are considering attending university face many obstacles due to distance, which leads to reduced family support and the stress of moving away from your home town for the first time. Even though regional NSW has many good universities, they don’t always offer the entire range of courses that the major metropolitan universities do.

Dubbo College year 12 Students with Nick and Cathy and Kerry from Education and Training Out West’s Transition to University Program, May 2017.

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The New Colombo Plan – A GLPer’s Ticket to their Dreams

Greetings GLPers,

My name’s Michael Kelly, a fellow GLPer studying a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in Entrepreneurship, and a New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholar in 2017.

I have just landed in Nepal as the NCP’s only Nepali scholar, and one of three scholars from Macquarie Uni, to embark on a year-long trip. Professionally, I’ll be mentoring social entrepreneurs fighting corruption, helping to launch a co-working space in Kathmandu for young social entrepreneurs, and studying at Kathmandu University’s School of Business. Personally, I’d like to enjoy and absorb the culture and further my Buddhist practices, learn to mountaineer, hike to Everest Base Camp and detour to India to explore and watch Australia play some cricket.

2017 Scholars group photo on staircase (2)

Michael at 3-day trip to Canberra to meet with politicians and NCP scholars and alumni, 2017.

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From America’s heartland to Indigenous rights champion

When I received my acceptance letter for exchange at Macquarie University one September afternoon in Indianapolis, I honestly had no idea what to expect.

On my first day on campus I was late for the international student orientation (nice) but fortunately, just in time to hear about the GLP and all of the culturally enriching things you can do in the program.  I don’t speak another language and had never left North America before coming to Australia. Even further than this, I come from America’s heartland and have had very little cross-cultural experiences. I immediately knew that the GLP was something I needed to get involved in and it was one of the best decisions I made while in Australia.


Jaxon on the GLP Symposium to Canberra, 2016. Photo by Keyvan Dorostkar

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Meet the new kids on the GLP block

Introducing our newest blog contributors
Jessica, Roy, Elizabeth and Nadya

Over the next three years, we’ll be following four new GLP students as they progress through the Program. We’ll be there as they navigate through their studies, GLP and life on campus – when they travel to the far corners of the globe to study abroad, volunteer in their local community, learn a new language and network at a conference.

Our contributors come from Archaeology, Law, Security Studies and Social Science and all share a keen interest in discovering how culture, global awareness and social responsibility contribute to successful leadership.

Follow our contributors as they share their advice, tips and opportunities throughout the GLP. Let’s start by meeting them.

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Understanding ourselves through studying politics abroad

Hi GLPers, my name is Tony and I am in my final semester of Master of Accounting (CPA Extension). I would like to share with you my experiences of studying in a different country.

Through the GLP, I have done a 3-week program, International relations and the Middle East: a comparative European Perspective, in July 2016 in Milan, Italy and a 4-week program, GoAndes – Leadership, in Santiago, Chile earlier this year (watch this short video to find out more about GoAndes).

In a globalised world understanding different cultures is part of our everyday. Indisputably, the best way to understand a culture is to be in the culture yourself, rather than watching TV or reading travel books. Who would say no to spending some time with a local family and participating in their social activities? After all, culture is not about books, but people.

Overlooking Santiago on top of San Cristóbal Hill

On San Cristobal Hill, overlooking Santiago, Chile, Go Andes Program, 2017.

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10 tips for effective networking

The fundamental element that defines the quality of your life is the people you surround yourself with and the conversations you have with them.” – Jon Levi


Fauzan in his role as a Macquarie Careers and Employment Service Representative

Many people believe that networking only needs to be utilized when you are looking for a job, but that’s the wrong idea!

Networking is making contacts, creating and maintaining relationships, finding out about opportunities, and making friends. It is an ongoing process, it requires persistence, attention, organisation and good will. Networking is a two-way street, it is a way of getting to know someone better and finding ways they might be able to help you and how you can help them in return.

Here are my top tips for making the most of networking;


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Language Matters – A few words from a GLP alumna

I’ve always had a big heart for languages, and my participation in Macquarie University’s Global Leadership Program certainly provided an encouraging platform for my love of languages to grow and thrive.

During my time at University, I undertook a GLP-approved unit of modern language study (Spanish), and very much enjoyed seeing this study right through from Beginners to Advanced level. My on-campus study was complemented by a combined short course and volunteer experience in Olón, Ecuador, which inspired me to further use my language experience to support the Oxfam International Youth Partnerships (OIYP) program as a volunteer Spanish-English translator. Furthermore, I found great joy in co-establishing and coordinating Beyond Babel, a student-led mentoring program for first-year Language students at Macquarie University.

Prize Giving Ceremony, Languages, Macquarie University

Meeting with representatives from Embassy and Consulate General of Argentina during a Languages prize-giving event at Macquarie, 2012. Photo: Jennifer Heward.

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